Management Policy

As a manufacturer of SPE and precision Metrology instruments, Tokyo Seimitsu Group has consistently focused on developing state-of-the-art products that contribute to improving our customer productivity and on providing good customer support. While meeting the commitments that are the requirements of a growing company; Occupational Health and Safety, Quality Control, Environmental Sustainability, and employment equity, the Company will contribute to society including customers, shareholders, employees and regional/international society through developing/supplying innovative SPE and Metrology Equipment.

The Groupʼs philosophy is “Growing together with partners and customers by collaborating technology, knowledge and information to create the worldʼs No.1 products”. The Group has adopted as a corporate motto "Win-Win Relationships Create the World's No. 1 Products" and a corporate brand “ACCRETECH”, a combination of the words ACCRETE (grow together) and TECHNOLOGY. The Company Group structure aims to support the capability of creating world-leading products. To do this, we apply the core technologies we have developed, and build cooperative Win-Win relationships with domestic and overseas companies and individuals that share the common goal of creating the world's best products. Behind all our efforts is the goal of being a truly global company.

Tokyo Seimitsu implements an internal company system under which the entire company has been divided into three internal companies – the Semiconductor Company, the Metrology Company and the Administration Company and an executive officer system. These internal companies, as fully functioning organizations with appropriate responsibilities and authority, are positioned to improve the level of customer satisfaction and business performance by responding to each customer more flexibly and promptly.

Key performance indicators for corporate Management

Under a business environment that requires high levels of technological innovation with high speed, Tokyo Seimitsu aims to establish higher profitability and structural efficiency by providing world No.1 products with advanced technology into growing markets, and continuously improve capital efficiency by effectively using funds for investment for growth. The company aims to maintain a business structure with at least 10% ROE as a long-term target to underpin sustainable growth in earnings per share and corporate value. The company also aims to attain 22.0 Billion Yen of consolidated annual operating profits as a mid-term target (by FY2021/3).

Medium to Long-term Management Strategies and Issues

Ongoing growth strategy and increase in business performance

Tokyo Seimitsu Group has promoted further quality improvement and product innovation, and established a profitable operational structure to continuously provide world leading products with advanced technology. These efforts have obtained reliable results after several years. Tokyo Seimitsu Group will further be engaged in expanding its business by taking advantage of its solid company structure.

Sustainable Profit Distribution

Company  management believes that increasing corporate value and sustainable profit distribution remain a key indicator of business success and thorough business growth.

Corporate Governance

The Company Group holds that corporate governance is essential to improve corporate value and to conduct fair and transparent business activities as a global corporate citizen, and has established Core Policy for Corporate Governance.

Global Management

Since our Sales organization has been fully localized in each region across the Company Group, overseas sales have exceeded domestic (Japan) sales. The Company Group has also commenced local manufacturing such as in China and Thailand. With this continuing outlook, the Company will optimize management organization for its global operations through actions such as hiring local management executives, establishing localized supply chains and standardizing management information flows to and from Head Office.