Behind all our efforts is the aim of being a truly global company group recognized as Tokyo Seimitsu -  ACCRETECH.

First of all, thank you very much for visiting Tokyo Seimitsu, ACCRETECH, Investors’ site.


Tokyo Seimitsu, ACCRTECH, is a supplier Semiconductor Production Equipment and Precision measuring Instruments and related services that contribute to improving our customer’s productivity.


The Company’s philosophy is “Growing together with partners and customers by collaborating technology, knowledge and information to create the world’s No.1 products”. Under the motto “Win-Win Relationships Create the World’s No.1 products” and a corporate brand “ACCRETECH”, the Company aims to be a truly global company.


Under a business environment that requires high-speed technological innovation, the Company aims to establish higher profitability and structural efficiency by providing world’s No.1 products and to continuously improve capital efficiency by effectively using funds for investment for growth. The Company aims to maintain a lean business structure with at least 10% of ROE as a long-term target to underpin sustainable growth in earnings per share(EPS) and corporate value.


Also, the Company management believes that increasing corporate value and sustainable profit distribution remain a key indicator of business success and thorough business growth.


I really appreciate your understanding and support to ACCRETECH.


Hitoshi Yoshida, President and CEO