Continuing to Contribute to a Sustainable Society


Since its founding in 1949, the Tokyo Seimitsu Group has provided the world with the highest-quality semiconductor manufacturing and precision measuring instruments. We have continued to open up the manufacturing possibilities for our customers by supporting the development and manufacturing of cutting-edge products that are ushering in changes in the times and for society.


Recent years have brought to light a host of issues that the world needs to pull together to face. Among these, we need to address climate change and other environmental problems. In addition, a range of electronic devices are becoming widely available to consumers, and we are seeing advances in technologies that are erasing the borders between the virtual and the physical society. In response to these challenges, the Tokyo Seimitsu Group is working with a diverse group of like-minded stakeholders. We hope to contribute toward a sustainable society by integrating our technologies, wisdom, and information and continuing to create the world’s leading products.


Always Committed to Building a “Future Full of Dreams”


To grow in perpetuity, in addition to pursuing sales and profit a company needs to be necessary to the world. The most important thing is for a company’s very essence to contribute to society. For this reason, we believe that sustainability activities are important.


More than ever before, sustainability activities require a cross-functional approach that transcends departmental boundaries. As chair of the Sustainability Committee, I spearhead sustainability activities for the entire Tokyo Seimitsu Group. Based on our sustainability slogan, that “The Tokyo Seimitsu Group is always committed to building a ‘future full of dreams,’” we are pursuing a number of important issues: “respect for human rights,” “participation in and contribution to local communities,” “efforts to address environmental issues,” “human resource development,” “earning the trust of society,” and “building and running a fair, transparent, and efficient corporate governance system.”


Materiality at the Tokyo Seimitsu Group is based on this sustainability slogan and these themes. On the E (environmental) end of the ESG perspective, we provide environmentally friendly products and contribute to the environment through them. As a mid-term target, by 2030 we aim to reduce CO₂ emissions by 50% compared with fiscal year 2018 levels.


On the S (social) front, we endeavor to solve social issues through the provision of high-value-added products and the establishment of supply chains. At the same time, we are working steadily to create a workplace where a diverse range of people can play an active role and where they can enjoy a healthy and rewarding work environment both physically and mentally, and with respect for human rights.


On the G (governance) end, we will continue to strengthen the management foundation, compliance, and risk management that underpin our corporate activities. In my capacity as chairman of the Board of Directors, I also promote initiatives to further enhance the board’s effectiveness.

Global Company

Doing Business Globally in an Optimal Environment


Currently, overseas markets account for the majority of the Tokyo Seimitsu Group’s sales, and we have approximately 900 employees in 18 countries outside Japan. We aspire to be a global company that has common policies and goals and can conduct business in an optimal environment tailored to each country’s circumstances. Rather than simply expanding our overseas sales, we also respect the differences in customs and ways of thinking among countries and regions, and are working to strengthen ties among our employees.


Our Aim: “Gaging the Future with Metrology, Creating the Future with Semiconductors”


The Tokyo Seimitsu Group makes what social contributions it can under its philosophy of “Growing together with partners
and customers by collaborating technology, knowledge and information to create the world’s No. 1 products.” Furthermore, in line with our Purpose, of “Gaging the future with metrology, creating the future with semiconductors,” we aim to realize an affluent society where everything in our daily lives advances conveniently, and a sustainable society where we can enjoy the richness of nature and happiness in various ways. We will also move forward with discussions so that we share this long-term, grand design with stakeholders inside and outside the Company.