Tokyo Seimitsu’s Business Model

We address manufacturing issues with sincerity and thoroughness from the customer’s point of view by applying the core technologies (precision measurement capabilities) we have refined and our three strengths.


Tokyo Seimitsu supports customers’ efforts to manufacture semiconductors and automobiles with its unique measurement technologies. These include precision positioning, ultraprecision measurement, and ultraprecision machining.


As we listen closely to our customers, we can delve deeply, exploring needs and the seeds of innovation that no one has yet addressed. We then combine the wisdom and experience of our experienced engineers to develop innovative equipment. Our strength lies in our relentless pursuit of technology and our thorough customer orientation.

Tokyo Seimitsu’s three Strengths

Tokyo Seimitsu’s Core Technologies

Our products are composed of several key elemental technologies.


These elemental technologies are based on our core technologies (precision measurement capabilities). Through precise measurement, we are able to provide feedback for positioning, ultraprecision machining, high-speed automatic control, and even more advanced ultraprecision measurement. Depending on the application, we are expanding into elemental technologies that are non-contact and non-destructive.


Through measurement, we are also developing elemental technology in software areas, such as with algorithms that use measurement data to discern the properties of an object.