Integrated Report 2022

Tokyo Seimitsu published an Integrated Report starting in Fiscal Year 2023/3 (Ending March, 2023) to provide shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders with an overall picture of the Group's value creation efforts.


The Integrated Report is available in PDF format below.



Integrated Report Download






  • About Tokyo Seimitsu
  • Tokyo Seimitsu’s History
  • Messages from Top Managements
  • Overview of Tokyo Seimitsu’s Businesses
  • Financial and Non-Financial Highlights


  • Value-Creation Process
  • The Source of Tokyo Seimitsu’s Competitiveness
  • Aiming for the Sustainable Growth
  • Mid-Term Management Plans
  • Business-Specific Strategies
  • Message from CFO
  • Business-Specific Strategies
  • Our Approach to Sustainability
  • Environment
  • Society
  • Governance
  • Key Consolidated Financial Data
  • Non-Financial Data
  • Company Information, Stock Information