Precision Measuring Instruments

Quality and reliability of "Things" everywhere in the world can be guaranteed only through measurement, to allow comparison with design specifications. In our company we have a saying: “No measurement, no products” .

These days, in manufacturing processes industrial components are being measured at many stages of the production process. In high tech processes such as a Japanese automotive production line, our Companyʼs measuring instruments are fully involved to test many components of overall productions.

1. Roundness and Cylindrical Profile Measuring Instruments


【What to measure?】

Nozzle of a fuel injection device, engine piston


【Why necessary?】

To improve fuel economy or engine power. The fuel injection nozzle must be formed to a perfect circle with high precision. These instruments are used to ensure precision.

2. Surface Texture and Contour Measuring


【What to measure?】
Internal components of an engine, such as crankshaft and camshaft


【Why necessary?】
To reduce emissions of CO2 and other hazardous pollutants from automobiles, the engine rotation loss must be reduced as far as possible. The instruments are used to ensure an appropriate roughness level for that purpose.

3. 3D Coordinate Measuring Machines


【What to measure?】

Cylinder block, cylinder head


【Why necessary?】

Engine components such as cylinder heads require further processing accuracy due to increasing demands for lower engine noise and better fuel economy. In evaluating the processing accuracy of these components that have extremely complicated profiles, the 3D coordinate measuring machines are indispensable.

4. Machine Control Gauges


【What to measure?】

High-precision components used for an engine or transmission


【Why necessary?】

These instruments are used to evaluate the dimensions and shapes of all components on a production line and command machine tools to produce good products constantly. They are essential for an efficient and stable manufacturing line.

The Company publishes “Expert! Tokyo Seimitsu” which features many ways our customers use our products in their production processes.

Semiconductor Production Equipment

Today, high-tech products such as smart phones and computers are being used everyday to enable capabilites at a scale simply not imaginable a few decades ago. Such innovations were driven by rapid development of semiconductor devices and electronic componentry which is itself made using highly specialised equipment. Our Company provides dedicated products for semiconductor and electronic componentry production, and these are in turn being applied to the innovations of our worldwide customer community.

1. Wafer Probing Machines


【What does this machine do?】

Wafer probing machines perform electrical tests of each chip on a silicon wafer, ensuring the quality of semiconductor devices. In order to touch multiple probes onto these delicate chips, our state-of-the-art mechnanical, electonic and software application technologies are applied.

2. Dicing Machines


【What does this machine do?】

Wafer dicing machines cut wafers into individual semiconductor chips with dicing blades. We also provide Laser dicing machines using lasers instead of blades to dice wafers at high speed in a completely dry process for eco-friendly manufacturing.

3. Polish Grinders


【What does this machine do?】

Polish grinders simultaneously thin wafers and remove damage caused by the grinding process. Thinner chips enable high-tech components such as IC cards and Smartphones to be more slim-lined and compact. In addition, polish grinding processes contribute to 3D packaging.

4. Wafer Edge Grinding Machines


【What does this equipment do?】

Wafer edge grinding machines smooth the edges of wafer substrates such as Silicon. Recently, the quality of wafer edges has become a focus for wafer quality improvement across many industries.